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Download Network Server Exe (ver 4.5023 in Zip format)

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What's New in SportCalc

16 September 2020

  1. The install files are now stored in Dropbox and are available to download again.  The manuals have been upgraded
  2. Transponders and bibtags conforming to the GS1 Gen2 standard can now be read/written by the Control software, contact me for the upgrade.

3 June 2016

  1. Sportcalc.exe has now been upgraded to Windows 10.  If you find any problems with the new version,  use Sportcalc_Win7.exe or go back to Sportcalc_WinXP.exe.

18 February 2016

  1. Some users reported a series of strange system errors and shutdowns when trying to print reports from Sportcalc only.  This occurred on Windows 8 and 10 machines.  Go into the Sportcale.exe properties and adjust the compatibility settings to run under Windows 7.  While in there tick the checkbox for Run As Administrator.

10 June 2015

  1. A version dated Oct 2014 was responsible for making the Xml settings file grow to large sizes.  This slowed down the operation of Sportcalc.  Update to this version and the Xml file will be resized back to normal.  There was a problem with the Stopwatch clock upon using it for the first time, it repeated an error each second till the task was killed.

10 January 2015

  1. The print engine has been updated to vpep3270.dll.  If you get a VPE error with an updated copy of any software, then perform a full install which will bring in this dll.

7 March 2014

  1. Added Times, Stopwatch back in. This is an internal copy of the external Stopwatch, writes directly to race file.

14 January 2013

  1. Entrant names can now have the first letter in upper case. Use Tools, Settings, Startup, Edit Options to turn on/off
  2. I still had a fault in the auto update section, so please download and perform a full install.

8 December 2012

  1. Most users that time races with the Stopwatch wish to use SportCalc at the same time to print full results. This requires the installation of the Nexus Server to allow both programs to access the race files at the same time. Please contact Hank to arrange for this free option to be installed
  2. SportCalcControl had a problem with the Rewind not able to delete rows. Also some earlier versions could not perform the auto update.

14 September 2012

  1. SportCalc versions have settled down to the updated ones. SportCalc.exe is now the new main version. SportCalc_OldVersion.exe is provided in the rare case of problems with the new version.
  2. SportCalcControl.exe has passed its tests and is now ready for chip timing users.
  3. SportCalcStopwatch is now a separate program and is similar to the Control version.
  4. SportCalcRemoteDisplay has been added. It is similar to the Projector but accepts times directly from Stopwatch or Control programs.

6 August 2012

  1. Programs can now update themselves from the internet. Menu items or buttons have been added to do this.
  2. This web page is only needed for fresh installs.
  3. SportCalcProjector has been added to install.

6 July 2012

  1. Win7 version now named Sportcalc_NextVersion.exe. More screens have been added, just TT to go.
  2. Added a Publish to FTP page to the results for live updates to the web.
  3. SportcalcControl is now included for those using Chip Timing.

25 April 2012

  1. Fixed disappearing buttons on some laptops. A problem with Results Themes not all working has been fixed.
  2. Added Tools, Information (most of) and Print, Lists and Setup Events to Win7 version.

5 March 2012

  1. The Windows7 version of Sportcalc is being phased in.  The old XP version is still current and must be used for normal operation.  The new version is being introduced in parallel, with a screen or report being updated and incorporated each week.  Right now the job is 25% done.  Mainly if something is broken in the old version under Win7 it is fixed first in the new version.
  2. Sections done are : Excel import, Times Spreadsheet, Emails, Input Keyboard, most Setups.
  3. File Backup is now working correctly, and fixed error in Filter Entrants.
  4. Added Save to the menu in Setup, Events.

15 March 2011

  1. Setup Cities, Countries had an error when saving due to new XML file format.

20 May 2010

  1. Setup network screen was not saving correctly.
  2. Added delete all entrants to aid import testing for some customers.

31 March 2010

  1. Timing file (not SportsMeet file) has changed format, delete old files.
  2. Added Neutralised Leg and Deduction Leg to Setup Events.
  3. Removed error in CSV export.
  4. Results for 1 entrant had an error

26 August 2009

  1. Timing file (not SportsMeet file) has changed format, delete old files.

27 May 2009

  1. Lap Stopwatch results screen not working, replaced with new design. (New stopwatch is under construction).

25 April 2009

  1. Improved Transponder setup screen
  2. Fixed Print, Times, One Leg.

3 April 2009

  1. Added Print, Results, File, Word document.
  2. Added Print, Lists, Word files.
  3. Fixed Print, User Defined reports.
  4. Added direct save to Lap Stopwatch

23 February 2009

  1. Fixed Print,Times,Errors report when it would not finish.
  2. Disabled Backup/Restore due to errors in code, will fix shortly.
  3. Fixed results placing error when using chip times.
  4. Allow export to CSV without needing times or results.

17 October 2008

  1. Changed layout of Event Setup to be more reliable and easier to configure.
  2. Error in printing envelopes for team members

7 July 2008

  1. Added Skin support for screen appearance.
  2. Improved results sorting to better cope with missing times.

6 Feb 2008

  1. Added a Leg Selector to Print, Times, Errors to print missing times in one leg only.

6 Sep 2007

  1. Error when deleting 1st category or leg in Setup, Events, so has been stopped for now.
  2. Added a batch size and Html content to the Email tool.

27 Mar 2007

  1. Fixed error when deleting a category or leg in Setup, Events
  2. Time trial screen locked up when importing times from stopwatch, also some TT screen bugs fixed.

11 Dec 2006

  1. Prevent stopwatch backup from overwriting stopwatch file.
  2. Added support for RFID Timing transponders

12 Aug 2006

    Fixed bug in File, Import, Setup which gave a database error on some machines.

20 Mar 2006

  1. Changed behaviour of DNS, DNF buttons in Times, Spreadsheet.
  2. Added a 'Stop Racing' button to Times Spreadsheet.

1 January 2006

  1. Time trial screen now works in 1/100 seconds.
  2. Results also in Coolrunning format.

1 November 2003

    SportCalc is now network ready with multi-user operation and a new database format.

1 April 2003

    Added corporate team results where entrants can compete as individuals and also as a team.

1 Feb 2003

    Emails can be sent directly from within SportCalc and can be filtered using flags.